Why is it worth it to join the cluster?

Due to a contracted EU project, the cluster was launched with a boost. Thanks to this project, we are already present in Szeklerland, Transylvania and Romania as an established entity, with a well-formed image, specific objectives and over thirty members. From the date of establishment, the cluster management and the executives of several businesses that have joined us, took part in many local and international exhibitions, presenting the services, products of our member companies, as well as the objectives, projects of the cluster. As result of these activities, several successful, functional business and cooperation relationships have been outlined. Within our community, we appreciate the constructive opinions of all the members, as well as any ideas that promote development and professionalism. For this purpose, we operate several online forums, but we also hold direct meetings. We are working to boost the internal cohesion, as well as the trust-based relationships among our members, encouraging them to carry out joint activities and use each other’s services and products. We place particular emphasis not only on optimizing internal processes, but also on exerting an influence on the external factors present in the region, all this by means of ongoing cooperation between municipalities and interested parties from the field of education and other sectors, and by starting joint projects.

In what follows we have compiled a list of 15 articles, comprising all the activities that we perform for the benefit of our members:

  1. We have developed a joint set of skills, which we update regularly based on the information gathered from our existing and new members, and promote it at conferences, national and international specialized exhibitions.
  2. We provide our members and the cluster a presence under a united and powerful brand, PR & marketing, as well as sales activities.
  3. We coordinate the internal communication between members and make every effort in order to ensure that they get well acquainted with the products and services of each other in order to use them and recommend them to their business partners.
  4. We boost cooperation between members in order to develop quality IT products and services and place them on the local and international market.
  5. We enhance cooperation between members and joint commitments for the purpose of successfully participating in projects and procurement procedures on a larger scale.
  6. We carry out supervision of the calls for tenders, while also supporting our members by providing consultancy in drafting national and international projects.
  7. We organize trainings for executives and employees.
  8. We operate specialized working groups on development and strategy, which implement joint projects in specified topics.
  9. We strive to express a unified opinion and impose uniform interests.
  10. We organize professional conferences for IT companies from the region with the participation of foreign partners.
  11. We make efforts for the development, maintenance of local and international business relations, promoting Szeklerland and Transylvania as attractive opportunities for outsourcing.
  12. We cooperate with professional organizations, national and international clusters.
  13. We support the initiation of innovation, research and development projects, while assuming, at the same time, the role of specialized partner in other projects.
  14. We actively participate in regional development programs of local councils, as well as those targeting the IT & C sector, coming up with suggestions.
  15. We conduct lobbying activities in order to shape higher education and vocational training in the IT field, in line with the needs of our members and of the labor market.

Conditions for membership:

  • Completion and signing of the Accession Agreement.
  • Paying the accession fee of 200 euros, according to the exchange rate of the National Bank of Romania on the day of payment, one-time fee. Payment of the annual membership fee after signing the accession agreement, its value being 120 euros, and if the company joins us during the year, this amount will be calculated for the remaining months.
  • The enterprise’s activity has to be related to the IT & C field.
  • It is not an impediment, if the company wishing to join us is already a member of other clusters.


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