The IT PLUS Cluster is a member of the Hungarian AI Coalition!

The aim of the cluster is to continuously develop and diversify its digitization efforts, so we consider partnerships that help the cluster to develop and explore new opportunities to be important. Accordingly, at the end of last year, the cluster management submitted an application to the newly formed Hungarian Artificial Intelligence Coalition, which was approved by a majority of its presidency. According to the decision, the IT PLUS CLUSTER also became a member of the AI Coalition .

Launched by the Hungarian government at the end of 2015, based on the results of the national consultation on the Internet and digital developments, InternetKon, the Digital Well-Being Digital Welfare Program (DJP) aims to make all Hungarian citizens and businesses the winners of digitalisation. The AI Coalition was formed in 2018, which provides a forum for discussing various issues and creating opportunities for wide-ranging cooperation. “Artificial Intelligence is not an end in itself, but a strategy, a tool to achieve socio-economic goals. The task of the AI coalition is not only to identify the competitive areas needed to move forward at European level, but also to prepare everyone in Hungary for artificial intelligence. based solutions “ – said László Palkovics at the first plenary session of the coalition. Read more here about the coalition’s goals and programs.

Within the cluster, the organization of the working groups is as follows: in line with the coalition structure, we are represented in all areas, ie all 6 working groups: data industry and data assets working group, applications and market development, international relations, education and sensitization, regulation and ethics, technology and safety.

Artificial intelligence will be emphasized at this year’s Digital Szeklerland Conference, this time along a new concept – follow us so you don’t miss out on what’s new!

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