Szeklerland and the IT

Szeklerland is a cultural-historical and touristic area, which is part of the Central Region, and is being made up of the counties Hargita, Kovászna and partly Maros, showing clear economical and political ambitions. The majority of the population of 600-700 thousand people have Hungarian as their mother tongue, and they show strong connections to Hungarians and to western civilizations, having, at the same time an organic cultural and political link to Bucharest and Kolozsvár, as well. Since Szeklerland is one of Transylvania’s most attractive areas from a natural-ecological and cultural- touristic point of view, many talented young people choose to live here. In the past 10 years, the number of technical, technological or other young intellectual families who moved or moved back to the towns or to the neighbouring villages has increased substantially. They work in high-tech areas or within businesses specialized on export. Therefore, the society of Szeklerland can be described as socially and geographically mobile, technologically modern and culturally innovative, with a dynamic view of work and project oriented.

There are presumably more than 100 IT or telecommunications companies in the region today, most of them small, with significant export capacity and an excellent network of international contacts.

The development of the knowledge-based society is also greatly assisted by the Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania with its two Faculties in Csíkszereda (nine bachelor study programs and several master’s programs), the Technical Faculty and the Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculty of the Sapientia in Marosvásárhely, as well as the affiliated departments of the Babes-Bolyai University.
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