Protocol of cooperation for the development of Covasna county

Covasna County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ASIMCOV and the IT PLUS Association, a group of 3 key economic actors in Covasna County, have signed a cooperation agreement in order to support the economic development of the county. According to this organizations, closer co-operation between the business sector and local governments is needed in order for the economic catching-up / strengthening of the region to be effective. To this end, based on the co-operation, the organizations are actively lobbying for the establishment of an entrepreneurial consultative council along each municipality and for all municipalities to be partners in economic and political issues. The first successful co-operation was established with the Local Council of Sfantu Gheorghe, where, on 28 May 2020 a protocol was approved, on the basis of which the entrepreneurial consultative council can be established in addition to the local council in Sepsiszentgyörgy. The Entrepreneurship Advisory Council is a politically independent group that reviews the economic decisions of a given municipality in the form of professionally supported recommendations and thus helps to reconcile political and economic considerations more effectively in order to make decisions that are beneficial and transparent to the region. The composition of the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board is determined according to a system of objective criteria, taking into account the ethnic composition in the administrative territory of the municipality and the economic indicators of the enterprises registered or established in the given area.


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