Our mission

We believe in the value-creating power of innovation, which constitutes an integral part of our lives. Within our companies, educational establishments and public institutions, as well as through our domestic and foreign partnerships, we are permanently looking for new opportunities. By sharing the collected information with each other and those around us in a systematic manner, we contribute to the advancement of our region.


The explosive development and spread of computing, telecommunications and information technology has led to social changes worldwide, to a kind of digital revolution. On the global market, Romania is present as an attractive and reliable partner in the field of the development and execution of IT & C products and services.

In recent years, there has been a noteworthy increase in the significance of the IT & C industry in the central region and in Szeklerland, as well. In order for the local specialists and IT companies to be able to effectively comply with the challenges of international and local markets, and to be able to provide high quality and competitive services, the communication, collaboration between the players in this area needs to be strengthened, both in terms of technical tools and methods, and in terms of human capital and knowledge base.

In response to these challenges, in the year 2013, through the association of fourteen IT companies, together with the Harghita County Council, the Town Hall of Miercurea Ciuc, the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Humanities of the Sapientia University, the Márton Áron Theoretical High School and the Central Regional Development Agency, the IT PLUS Cluster was established, which is now headquartered in Miercurea Ciuc.

Starting from 2015, the number of the member companies of the cluster increased from 14 to 28, whereby especially businesses from the counties Harghita, Covasna, Mureș and Cluj have joined us. Currently, the administration of the organisation thus established is ensured by the management team of the Csíki Vállalkozók Egyesülete (Ciuc Region Entrepreneurs Association).

Focussing both on the local and world markets, we wish to develop and offer, together, as a cluster, in the IT & C field, unique products and services which are sustainable in the long term, for various sectors, such as health, education , transport, trade, agriculture, public administration. Our members feature excellent professional skills, strong networks of relationships and countless reference works carried out for western clients. The companies forming the cluster are organized around four main activities: development and support for custom software solutions, IT consultancy, supply and maintenance of hardware products and telecommunications solutions.

One of our most important achievements so far can be considered a successful project amounting to 200,000 euros, due to which we were able to carry out important cluster development activities, such as the development and implementation of a common development strategy, complex PR & marketing activities, participation in domestic and international exhibitions, the organization of technical and managerial training courses.

In accordance with the statements concerning the year 2014, our members are employing over 323 professionals, having a total turnover of 111 million lei (25+ mill. EUR).

Our joint efforts and activities are aimed, in the long term, at creating and maintaining a strong professional organization, a reliable player participating in the developments from the private and public sphere, supporting the carrying out of research and development programs in the region, contributing to the training process of IT specialists by initiating training courses and supporting educational centres, creating jobs, and last but not least, increasing the living standards and life quality.

Objectives and values

  • Enhancing the competitiveness of the companies in the region, which belong in the sphere of the IT Plus Cluster.
  • Creating new jobs, contributing both directly and indirectly to the increase of life quality of the residents of the region.
  • Attracting back the IT professionals originating from Szeklerland, Transylvania, keeping valuable specialists in the country, where they can put their expertise, creativity, innovative vision to work.
  • Supporting high-quality IT training, ongoing training of the existing human resources.
  • Encourage research, development and innovation in IT&C.
  • IT&C infrastructure development in the region.
  • Assistance in building the IT&C strategies of the local councils in Transylvania, Szeklerland.
  • Supporting Start-ups targeting the IT&C sector.

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