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Sapientia – Transilvanian Hungarian University Faculty of Economics and Humanities

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Sapientia – Transilvanian Hungarian University Faculty of Economics and Humanities

Csíkszereda, Hargita county, Szabadság square, number 1. , 530104

Telefon: +40 266 314657



Presentation of the Institution

The Sapientia Transilvanian Hungarian University is the only European independent university of the Hungarians from Romania and its aim is that the teaching of the national oneness and academic life to be acknowledged on professional standards. We are responsible for the knowledge we offer our students, for the future of our professors and colleagues, for the quality of our research and for the operational transparency.

The economical teaching offered by the Faculty of Economics and Humanities aims at developing and the operation of the economics, the training of well-prepared, internationally competitive Econimists in Hungarian. The economist courses offered by this Faculty focuses on domains that does not only involve the regional and national labor market but offers the foundation for professional development on the international labor market as well. Apart from the theoretical knowledge, the abilities and the skills development have a major role in the professional prosperity. The extended management courses, the communicational skills development, the establishment and the development of the interdisciplinary analitical professional view are all meant to serve the same cause. The professors of the Faculty find the practical way of teaching very important and work towards facilitating the meetings of students and potential future employers throughout the years of study. Our faculty offers studies in Humanities as well, for both bachelor and master degrees.

Economic bachelor degrees:
  • Agriculture and Food Economy
  • General Economics
  • Accounting and management information
  • Marketing
  • Economic Informatics
Master degree:
  • Organisation and Management