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Harghita County Council

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Harghita County Council

no. 5 Piața Libertății, 530140 Miercurea Ciuc, Harghita County, Romania

Telefon: +40 266 207700



Presentation of the Institution

The Harghita County Council is the administrative authority at county level, whose decision-making body consists of 30 members and the chairman of the county council elected directly by the voting public. The county council appoints two deputy chairpersons from among its members.
The responsibilities of the County Council and of its subordinate institutions include the following:
  • executing tasks related to county infrastructure, public transportation and public procurement, preservation of the cultural  and architectural heritage, consultancy in the field of urban and spatial development and issuing permits;
  • investments and economic development, as well as the management of international,  European and structural projects
  • development and implementation of programs at county level in different areas: culture, youth, religion, education, civil society, social protection and child protection, health, agriculture, tourism, energy from renewable sources, mountain and cave rescue services, upland development, libraries, arts and population registries;
  • organizing county-level events and protocol, contact with the media, personnel management, international relations and coordination of local administrative authorities.