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The Mayor’s Office of Miercurea Ciuc

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The Mayor’s Office of Miercurea Ciuc

no. 1 Piața Cetății, 530110 Miercurea Ciuc, Harghita county, Romania

Telefon: +40 266 315 120



Presentation of the Institution

After 1876, with the establishment of the system of counties, the town of Miercurea Ciuc became the seat of Ciuc County, and by 1886 the construction of the building of the county hall was completed, where, starting from 1980, the Town Hall of Miercurea Ciuc is fulfilling its tasks related to local administration.
The Local Council of the town Miercurea Ciuc is composed of the council made of 19 members, as decision-making body, and the mayor’s office as executive body. Since 2004, the mayor is Ráduly Róbert Kálmán, deputy mayors: Antal Attila and Szőke Domokos.
The Responsibilities of the mayor's office include, among others, urban and regional planning, urban infrastructure development and investment development, the social and health system, maintenance of the social and cultural institutions, organizing cultural programs, local economic development, public works, tourism and environmental protection.
However, in order to be able to accomplish all these tasks, we need to maintain a good cooperation with the subordinate institutions and the public utility companies, as well as close working relationships with the civil society organizations in the town, because serving the interests of the population is only possible through a multilateral cooperation.