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AAM Consulting

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AAM Consulting

no. 20 Eremia Grigorescu Street, Bucharest

Phone: +40 31 425 1463



Company Profile

AAM has been supporting, for over two decades, its customers from virtually all areas of economy and public administration, in creating an effective, transparent and rational organizational functioning, in the improvement thereof, as well as in the management of large-scale development projects. Following these collaborations, these large private and state companies have come closer to achieving their organizational goals. The extensive knowledge and experience of the specialists at AAM guarantee that we are able to create real theoretical and practical values for our partners from across the region.
AAM provides generic, sector-specific, yet varied services in the following areas: public administration, financial services, the energy and public utilities sector.
  • Process Management:
    through our consulting services on business processes, we seek to facilitate for our customers the identification and successful performance of all those tasks related to the operational development, which create immediate values and enable them to carry out their strategic objectives.
  • Project management and funding:
    by means of specific techniques and tools, as well as integrated support solutions, we are facilitating the strategic and organizational efforts of our customers.
  • IT Strategy and coordination:
    Through our consulting services we are helping our customers in creating the planning and management framework necessary to operate effectively, while supporting them in finding answers to the questions of the management by means of information technology.