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Creative Instinkt

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Creative Instinkt

Libertatii Street Nr. 99/10

Phone: 0741603297



Contact person: Tóth Attila

Company Profile

Creative Instinkt is a passionate team from Transylvania who is dedicated to create engaging experiences through digital technology. We develop brand identities that stand out and help business grow. Experience, a proactive attitude and a highly intuitive creative instinkt. Instinkt with a K. This is not a typo, it represents the core value of our team: we are Keen. Keen to create something better for you, keen to help the people behind every business, keen to do something different for the World. We believe in win-win partnerships and we have a strong promise: we will make your business better.
Experienced in developing growths stimulating strategies and solutions in over 17 countries, we are passionate about brand focused business expansion through digital technology which aims to enhance the connection between people and businesses.
Php, Java, .Net HTML5, AJAX, jQuery Fw: Node, Angular, Bootsrap, Foundation, Codeigniter, Symphony