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The Szeklerland IT & C and Innovation Conference will be held for the third time

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This year, between the 24th and 25th of September, in the Grand Hotel in Baile Balvanyos, the third edition of the IT & C and Innovation Conference of Szeklerland will be held. In the organization of the specialized conference for Szeklerland, Transylvania on the topic of computing and information technology, the IT Plus Cluster, joining the IT & C companies of the region, as well as the IT and Telecommunications Department of the Covasna County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will play an important role.

The objective of the conference, which has reached its third edition, is to develop and maintain the network of contacts between IT & C companies, specialists, teachers from the region and the international market, to present the latest trends and innovative designs in the industry, to intermediate a meeting between the IT education sector, the public administration sector and the entrepreneurial sector, and last but not least to develop business relations. Besides all these, an important event will be the presentation of IT projects in the field of healthcare and agriculture and the discussion of related development opportunities.

From the diverse range of programs, one may also highlight the B2B meeting, which will take place Thursday the afternoon and will be organized by the Enterprise Europe Network, but also the Elevator Pitch event, held Friday morning, where nearly twenty IT & C businesses from Transylvania, Szeklerland will present their services, products in the form of short, interactive presentations.

At the event, the presence of nearly fifty guests is expected, who will participate in plenary sessions and roundtable discussions. Among the guests from Hungary and Transylvania there are several heads of thriving IT & C companies, backed by years of experience, but also start-uppers and individuals active in the field of public administration, or within institutions and organizations responsible for development, communications, information technology.

Among the objectives of the organizers are the following: for the number of participants to the third edition of the IT & C and Innovation Conference of Szeklerland to reach two hundred, and not only persons interested in IT to be present, but basically representatives, heads of any economic unit active in the region, students, teachers, as well as civil servants.

Participation in the conference is subject to preliminary registration, which can be done at:, where one has the possibility to select from several options and services.

Retrospective of the 2014 conference in figures: 2 days, 3 plenary sessions, 3 sections, 36 guests 140 participants.

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