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Bronze Label for the IT Plus Cluster

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The IT Plus Cluster obtained prestigious international recognition. The activity and management of the IT Plus Cluster, which mainly represents enterprises in the field of computer and information technology, was analyzed in April this year by the internationally recognized organization, ESCA - European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis, and as a result the Cluster was awarded the Bronze label through the European Cluster Excellence Initiative.

The European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI) launched by the European Commission includes methodology and tools, which can improve and enhance the resources and methods required for cluster management. Following this direction, the cluster will become increasingly stronger, and will play a role in the economic rise of the region, generating innovations and new business opportunities. Following this process, new jobs may be created within the cluster, new products and services may be developed, and even research and development activities may be initiated.

Currently, in Romania three IT & C clusters have valid ECEI qualifications. This recognition provides an excellent opportunity for the IT Plus Cluster to build international relations, to participate in international consortia, and to launch joint cross-border projects at cluster level.

The IT Plus Cluster will be able to use the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI) Bronze Label, recognized both at European and at international level, for two years.


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