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Edgar Quinet Street 4-6, bl. A, ap.67, 400684, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Phone: +40 740 956 399



Contact person: László Lukács

Company Profile

Hipwerk is a team of product oriented professionals, who live and breathe startups. We developed a unique process based on the lean startup methodology, that will help turning your brilliant idea into a great product, while limiting the risks of wasting your money and time. Our complete package includes: tailor-made websites, beautiful mobile apps, full range UX and solid financial planning. All these, teamed up with continuous project management and full consultancy (IT, product, marketing & legal). Think of us as an extension of your team, rather than a third party. Our team-members are in their twenties, with a high level of seniority and 5+ years experience on average. Hipwerk has built products for numerous business areas: healthcare, automotive, finance, travel and e-learning are just a few of them. We can’t promise your startup will be the next big thing, but we’ll surely maximize your chances to succeed.
  • Product development using lean-agile methods: Lean startups, Scrum and Kanban
  • State of the art web and mobile development, completely customized based on our clients' needs
  • Consultancy: financial planning, complete branding, growth hacking, legal
  • Project management: throughout the product lifecycle and beyond
  • Startups: The lean methodology
  • Web development: Python (Django), node.js (Express), Javascript (Angular JS), HTML5, CSS3, multiple PHP frameworks.
  • Mobile development: iOS and Android