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Darmstadt before the CeBIT – this year’s European IT&C professional conferences will soon begin

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Among the fundamental objectives of the IT Plus Cluster from Szeklerland, the following were outlined: increasing the competitiveness of the member companies, enhancing cooperation within the cluster, generating research and development activities, creating innovative products, as well as providing support. This year, Szeklerland, as a region, will play a prominent role as potential IT centre or the presentation of the cluster's activities, attracting new members and last but not least creating long-term partnerships with other major IT&C companies. In order to achieve the latter objective, the cluster's representatives will attend two major exhibitions in Western Europe on computers and information technology, where they will join forces to supply offers for the provision of high quality services and solutions.

First, on 19 February in the modern Darmstadtium from the centre of Darmstadt in Germany, the exhibition called IT & Media FUTUREcongress 2015 will take place. At the meeting of nearly 140 companies in the IT sector, participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest innovative solutions on the IT & C market, allowing them to reduce IT costs, improve and streamline daily workflow for employees, middle managers and executives. The main topics targeted during the event: the effectiveness of cloud-based solutions, SEO technologies and online marketing strategies, IT security solutions and technologies, the benefits of using CRM applications within companies, organizing proper and effective IT teams, etc.

At the IT Plus cluster's booth will be present one of the employees of the cluster, as well as one representative from each of the following companies: Computer Trade, Gnome Design, Nextra Service and Nextra Software.

We welcome all those interested, between 8:30-18: 00 at booth no. 0S1 of the IT Plus Cluster near the stage.

For further information, please refer to the website of the IT & Media:

An internationally known exhibition, being at the same time the largest exhibition on the topic of computer technology in Europe, the CeBIT, will take place between 16 and 20 March 2015 in Hannover, Germany. At the event, which will last a week, exhibitors are classified into the following main groups: business security solutions, telecommunications and networks, CRM & BI, DatacenterDynamics, digital business solutions, ECM, ERP and trade, global IT services, research and innovation. During the CeBIT the business meeting Future Match 2015 will be held, organized by Enterprise Europe Network - Leibniz Universität Hannover. The event provides an excellent opportunity for companies active in the IT & C field to discover new business opportunities, business or research and development partners, or to create long-term relationships. The event Future Match in 2014 was attended by 380 participants from 34 countries, and 1350 debates were held. The IT Plus Cluster will be participating to this event for the first time since its establishment, which promises to be of high standards. Those interested can learn about the services and products of the companies grouped together in the cluster at booth no. 31 of the exhibition hall no. 6. At the same time, large companies that want to expand, can get acquainted with the advantages of the regions Szeklerland and Transylvania, as IT & C outsourcing centre.

The CeBIT official web page with the latest news, useful information:

The website of the Future Match 2015 business meeting, where the full list of registered participants can be viewed, with the option to set an appointment:

Let's meet at the CeBIT between 16 and 20 March.