Magic Solutions

530200 Miercurea Ciuc, Kós Károly street no.10, Harghita County

Phone: +40 366 089910



Company profile

We are a company providing software development, software implementation and IT consulting, established in 2003 with offices in Romania and Hungary. Magic Solutions represents the following set of values: Continuity – we enter into long-term maintenance contracts with most of our customers to ensure the smooth operation of critical systems required for their operation. Human resource stability – we continuously develop our employees and provide long-term stable cooperation opportunities. Cost-effective operation – optimized internal processes, quick decisions, favorable prices. Responsibility – IT is a very important part of our customers’ business, for which we train our employees and ensure the trouble-free operation of the systems.

Fields of expertise

We provide design, implementation and operation of medium and large business applications for the financial, public administration, telecommunications and commercial companies. Our main line of development is research and innovation: Mobile Widget Experiment – creating an innovative tool for entrepreneurs and senior executives. Our current services and projects are aimed to develop customized business applications, implementing and integrating our ClockWorks framework, integrating JIRA project and task management systems, implementing and maintaining our Safe Cash Management System, and implementing a Microsoft Dynamics NAV corporate governance system.


  • Java technologies, Magic eDeveloper, .Net
  • Databases: Oracle, MS SQL, PosgreSQL, MySQL
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