Hamor Soft

Sfântu Gheorghe, Nicolae Iorga street nr.18, 11/D/1, Covasna county, Romania

Phone: +40 267 312139, +40 267 326301

Email: hamor@hamorsoft.ro

Web: www.hamorsoft.ro

Company profile

Our company develops general accounting and management softwares for small and medium-sized companies, organizations and foundations. Our programs are distributed as a compact product with general default settings. These are open systems, parameterizable, adaptable, modular. They also include a development tool that can be used to tailor programs to the needs of the user, sometimes linking them to programs from other companies. Our products run on Windows and Linux operating systems, desktops, local or Cloud servers, but are also available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone devices. We have more than 2,000 active customers and our distribution network consists of an average of 20 companies.

Fields of expertise

To develop the softwares, we use the hMET technology, which is our company’s own development.


  • hCONT – accounting
  • hBILANT – creating balance sheet
  • hMARFA – invoicing, inventory management, tracking of financial transactions, VAT registration
  • hSALAR – employee registry, payroll
  • hIMOB – tangible assets, depreciation, revaluation
  • hPROD – calculation of material requirements of production enterprises
  • hMISS – secretary registry
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