Cyber ​​protection and data security were the main topics of the 6th Digital Szeklerland Conference

Well-known professionals, senior executives and researchers from different parts of the digital world map and Transylvania came and applied for the sixth edition of the Digital Szeklerland Conference, this year hosted by Odorheiu Secuiesc on October 17-19.

Béla Bihari, President of the IT Plus Cluster, said: This year, the conference emphasized the importance of data protection and the development of the Szeklerland data economy. Cyber ​​security and data protection are issues of competitiveness and need to be addressed here, at home. In Transylvania, the valuable information that Szeklerland can put on the digital world map lies before our noses. The conference attracts more and more people and the result is a new business generation and knowledge sharing in Szeklerland. It has been proven both participants and presenters consider it important to talk about digitization, to look for new contacts and opportunities to work together, to develop the region. The goal remains to bring together the municipal, private, entrepreneurial and educational spheres under a common banner. And this is nothing more than the digitization of Szeklerland.

During the three days, more than 60 speakers and top executives brought good examples and innovative solutions of digitization to Odorheiu Secuiesc. Businesses area has also gained more space this year, with local and foreign senior executives sharing their experiences. Following the morning’s plenary presentations, d!Majors, smart cities and developers, d!Entrepreneurs, educators and researchers, and professional discussions were available. The 6th Digital Szeklerland Conference was hosted by the Mayor’s Office of Odorheiu Secuiesc and the Küküllő Hotel.

Attila Rácz, Vice President of IT Plus Cluster, said: A rethought and multidisciplinary conference will return next year. We would also like to address the top leaders of local governments and decision-makers. There are a lot of entrepreneurs, young innovators who introduced themselves again this year and would like to get involved in the development of Szeklerland, even through municipal systems and smart city projects, and we would like to put more emphasis on this.

Károly Simon, the co-organizer of U-Hub and Digital Szeklerland, described the conference as a success, according to him, more and more people are interested in it every year, especially among young people: At the Transylvanian level, the digitization process has started in the education system as well, the so-called hardware is starting to be part of this process, but there are still a lot of shortcomings. People need to be made aware of the importance of development and digitization and the conference is a good opportunity to do so.

László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology of Hungary and the main patron of the conference, was greeted by László Tóth, Consul of Hungary in Miercurea Ciuc, who said that he considered that IT Plus Cluster has been for many years extremely important for the region. “We need to do everything we can to make innovation a basic capability in our economy, to be at the forefront of digitalisation, so that the fourth industrial revolution, characterized by intelligent, decision-making robots, does not sweep us away, but at the forefront or at least waistline. I think that the Hungarian and Szekler people have the necessary guidance and internal endowment for all this,” László Tóth emphasized.

Videos and photos of the conference are available on the website or on the Facebook page of Digitalis Szekelyfold.

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