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The companies that make up the cluster are organized around four main activities: development and support of custom software solutions, IT consulting, supply and maintenance of hardware products and telecommunications solutions.

This page is meant to provide a comprehensive overview of the skills of our members, collecting them in a continuously updated database that allows listing and searching.

Through the filters below we provide local and international organizations the opportunity to find the contractor or groups that have the right skills to meet their simple or even complex requirements in the IT & C field.

Our database of skills is an excellent tool for presenting the products and services of the companies to potential interested parties, but also to the members of the cluster, thus ensuring greater transparency and encouraging members to purchase from each other and to use each other's services.

IT PLUS Cluster companies specialize in:

  • Software development and support for numerous areas: bank, health service, production, civil sector, trading systems, administration, jewellery industry, etc.
  • CRM, ERP, WMS, individual case management, introduction and customization of e-Learning systems.
  • Web design and web development, CMS based website development services.
  • Mobile app development for iOS and Android platforms.
  • IT consulting from strategy to realization.
  • Project based IT outsourcing, project management.
  • Audio-visual, fiscal instruments, uninterrupted power supplies, complete computing solutions, software licenses, product service.
  • Hardware architecture, networking and data transmission solutions, other telecommunication services.
  • Hosting and virtualization services, online marketing.
  • Automation, Industrial IT.
  • Testing.
  • Drone/UAV technology.
  • Research-development in information and communication technologies.

Our prominent achievements:

  • Development, maintenance of an industry-leading cash management system
  • Implementation of a money-market system
  • Multi-project management system for large enterprises
  • Sale on the world market of an ERP application aimed at the jewellery manufacturing industry
  • IT consulting from strategy to implementation for industry-leading companies, and for the major administrative institutions
Aptus Software
Software development & IT Consulting
Best Telecom
Commercialization of medical equipments and consumables
Software development
Cosys Computer Systems
Software development
Dyntell Software Romania
Software development
Enetix Software
Software development
Hardware & Software development
Hamor Soft
Software management
Leading Soft Srl
Web development
Hardware & Software development
Software development
Lynx Solutions
Software development
Magic Solutions
Software development
Webdesign, branding, marketing
Software development
Navigator Software
Software development
Nextra Software
Software development
Red Rock Tech
Software development
IT Shop & Service
Software development
SVT Electronics
Digital tachographs and access control
UPS Distribution
Power supply systems