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Helyszín: Sepsiszentgyörgy
Pozició: Gyakornok
Meghirdetve: 2018, March 13

Choose an internship you'll value!

Between 1 July - 1 October, 2018

By learning and developing new features and functionalities for:

  • Our own startup project, the "Responsible Employee" which is based on modern web technologies like HTML5, RestAPI and JS libraries
  • Extending the mobile application (using the .NET Azure) for a multi-project and portfolio management KLUSA.

You will be guided by our senior Web and .NET architects and developers.

We will:

  • show you what the professional working world is like
  • lead you to getting involved in future technologies and trends
  • connect you with experienced colleagues who can mentor you
  • inspire a career choice being part of our innovative team.

During my internship at Gnome Design Ltd. I had the opportunity to work in two different projects, trying out three new technologies. Furthermore, I had the pleasure to meet the Gnome team, full of innovative and acknowledged professionals. These people managed to create a family athmosphere work. For me it was a pleasure to see that there are companies in Transylvania who are working hard on building a professional IT community in their region.
Kurkó Norbert, University of Babeş-Bolyai, Enterprise Software Design and Development

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    2018, március 13
    WHO? You, if you are an IT student, with creative and open minded spirit, who would like to get in touch with a professional work environment.
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    Csíkszereda, Sepsiszentgyörgy
    2018, március 15
    A nyári szakmai gyakorlatot szülővárosodban, Csíkszeredában vagy Sepsiszentgyörgyön szeretnéd végezni? Az ENETIX cégnél kiváló lehetőséged nyílik a szakmai tovább fejlődésre, és valós projektekbe való bekapcsolódásra, mindezt egy professzionális környezetben.
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